Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ provides answers to the most commonly asked questions about Foundation grant funding. If you have questions not covered here, please email them to

What organizations are eligible to apply for Foundation grant funding?
What types of projects qualify for Foundation grants?
Does Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona provide philanthropic funding separate from the Foundation?
When are Foundation grant opportunities available?
Is there a maximum to the funding amount available per grant?
What is the application process?
Where do I apply?
What is the timeline for Impact Grants?
What is the timeline for the Mental Health Matters Grant cycle?
Can organizations apply for multiple types of funding?
Can active Foundation grantees apply for additional grant funding, either in the same or a different focus area category?
Do you accept applications for multi-year funding?
What is the grant term and start date?
Are there limitations on how grant funds can be used?
Can Foundation grants be used to pay for personnel?
Are Foundation grants available for capital expenditures?
Is reporting required as part of Foundation funding?
Is funding provided in a single block?
What support does the Foundation provide to grantees?
How many finalists will be invited to present and when?
Is the Mental Health Matters Grant ongoing or a one-time opportunity?
What is the Mental Health Matters maximum grant amount in 2024?
Are there any counties being prioritized in this funding cycle to advance health equity for underrepresented community areas?
Our organization has two separate locations in Arizona with their own leadership. Are we able to submit two separate applications?
Can we apply for the Mental Health Matters Grant if we received an Impact Cycle Grant (previously known as Discretionary Cycle Grant)?
Can recognized government entities apply for the Mental Health Matters Grant?
Can we apply if our organization is national, but funds will support an Arizona program?
Can proposals use partnerships/subawards/ contractors?
Will previous grant recipients with new proposals be considered equally?
Can you clarify the differences between goals, outcomes, and outputs?
Are declined applicants provided with feedback?
What is the composition of the evaluation panel?

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