Mobilize. Uplift. Advance.

Making communities healthier, together.

Mobilize. Uplift. Advance.
Making communities healthier, together

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona has been helping keep Arizona healthy since 1939.

We’ve invested millions in philanthropic funding. In 2018, we started a public health movement with Mobilize AZSM, tackling Arizona’s toughest health challenges. Now, we have a foundation.

Our views are broader, our commitments are stronger, and our aspirations are bolder. The Foundation for Community & Health Advancement continues our legacy of elevating health.

Impacting health in four key areas

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Substance Use Disorder

Misuse and overdose affect every community

Mental health

Anxiety, depression,
and suicide are on the rise

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An outline of heart shape with EKG output line inside

Chronic Health Conditions

Diabetes alone affects
1 in 9 Arizonans

Health Equity

Social determinants of health affect health equity

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Making a measurable difference

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Mobilize. Uplift. Advance.

Making communities healthier, together.

The Foundation builds on the Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona (BCBSAZ) tradition of community investment and collaboration. In big and bold ways, we work to create positive change like the change BCBSAZ made between 2018 and July 2021.





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community partners



counties served

Collaborating for a more vibrant Arizona

The Foundation joins forces with the changemakers, innovators, and problem solvers who are making communities healthier in Arizona. We amplify impact in three key ways.
A nurse wearing a mask and gloves focused on prepping a syringe in an outdoor setting

Cross-sector partnerships

Partnering with trusted local organizations that recognize the healthcare needs of their communities and are successfully meeting them.

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Grants and social investing

Expanding and accelerating programs and services that improve well-being and reduce health disparities for all.

Applied research

Driving research that informs real solutions by making healthcare accessible and affordable.

Together, we can mobilize health in Arizona.

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