Substance Use Disorder

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A personal struggle. A public crisis.
A community opportunity.

Substance use disorder affects people of every age, race, class, and gender. No community is untouched by the economic and emotional toll addiction takes.

Arizona has been especially hard hit by opioid misuse. An average of four Arizonans per day die from suspected opioid overdose, according to the real-time tracking the Arizona Department of Health Services began in 2017. The rise in methamphetamine use and street drugs laced with fentanyl has further complicated the problem.

Our imperative is to turn the tide. Struggling with substance use is a symptom of an illness. Recognizing and responding to misuse and addiction is how we save lives.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Foundation for Community & Health Advancement funds programs and applied research that support recovery from opioid and substance use disorder and reduce overdose-related deaths in Arizona.

*Source: Arizona Department of Health Services

Featured grant projects

These grant stories showcase the impact made possible through funding that supports programs and applied research. The Foundation will continue to support change making projects like these.


Moms struggling with substance use disorder and homelessness are supported in recovery and resilience through coping skills, communal living, and enrichment programs.

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Joint project between Solari Crisis & Human Services*, Community Medical Services, and Mobilize AZ brought free, medication assisted treatment (MAT) mobile clinics to people statewide, offering connections to care and life-saving services.

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Together, we can mobilize health in Arizona.

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